Manage maintenance jobs and forms through your mobile devices

Create, activate and finalize jobs directly from the SERTICA app. You can create jobs from scratch or use templates for standard jobs. Each job has a short job description, including details about the related component and latest feedback.

Furthermore, you can read documents from your mobile device and write notes when reporting on jobs. You can even register time, add consumed spare parts and attach photos. QR codes and barcode scanning of SERTICA components and spare parts are supported to ensure an easy and quick stock update, when you use a spare part to complete a job.

If several people are working on the same job, it is possible to see each other’s remarks. If anything changes in your job list, you will be notified and asked to synchronize – this way you are always working in the most updated version.

Create and submit forms

If you have the SERTICA Forms module, you can also create, fill in and submit forms in the app without using Word or Excel. You can design the layout in SERTICA based on a user-defined sequence of input fields, each with different types and properties. This allows you to create e.g. checklists to be filled in from a mobile device. Browse the hierarchy of form templates, fill in a form based on a template, and send it to SERTICA once approved or ready for approval.

Not all SERTICA users enter the system every day and now they do not need to. In the SERTICA app, you can access and manage jobs and forms easily, no matter where you are located.

Reduce the administrative time needed in front of a computer by having only your own jobs and forms available from your mobile devices. 

The SERTICA app can be used offline and synchronizes the contents with SERTICA, once the user is online.

Key Features

  • Create and finalize jobs and forms
  • Overview of current and finished forms and jobs
  • Access to previous and declined forms
  • Update maintenance jobs in real-time
  • Read documents or add additional information to a job
  • Add photos taken with your mobile device
  • Scan QR codes and register used spare parts
  • Add forms to your job
  • Upload directly to SERTICA


  • Fast and flexible maintenance management
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Elimination of paper
  • Making maintenance simple

Get the SERTICA app in App Store or Google Play.

The Stock app is now part of our SERTICA App, which means that you can manage jobs, forms and now stock in one and the same app.

Other SERTICA apps include: Approval app  and Inspection app.

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