The Journal module enables people working in the maintenance department to keep record of everything that happens during a shift. By registering observations in the production electronically, everyone is informed about what happened during the shift.

The Journal functions like a diary and you can for example register, if an alarm go off, the reconfiguration of a certain component, reduced operation, repairs, power outages or if the production had visitors. Power plants often register set point changes in the Journal. You can also add information to incidents and connect this to specific components or work schedules.

For many companies, it is a legal requirement to log observations and disruptions. To others, it is a matter of planning and understanding maintenance needs. It is possible to create new maintenance jobs based on an observation logged in the electronic journal. You also have the option of notifying others about what has happened or how to react.

The design of the Journal can be customized to fit your exact needs. This means that any information relevant can be logged and is visible to the entire company.

Key Features

  • Keep an electronic diary of what happens during a work shift
  • Register alarms, set point changes, visitors and much more
  • Create maintenance jobs based on incidents logged in the Electronic Journal


  • Overview of all observations and disruptions
  • Full integration with maintenance
  • Knowledge-sharing between employees
  • Visibility and traceability throughout the organization

Employee schedule as an integrated part of the Journal

Get the complete overview of events occurring during a work shift. You can see who is working when the event occurs by using the employee schedule as an integrated part of the Journal.

With the employee schedule in SERTICA, it is possible to create a complete plan of the changes of work shifts in the company. Get an overview of the time intervals of the work shifts, start and end time, and the option to show which employees are present on the work shifts. The work shift changes are marked with colors, which makes it easy to get an overview of the changes of shifts. With the information about each employee’s working hours, it is also possible to use this module to prepare salaries, as the working hours are registered through the shift schedule.

While the work shift schedule gives a complete overview of the changes of shifts, the Journal gives an overview of the events that occurs during a shift. The events registered in the Journal can be forwarded as a direct message to the relevant employees. As an example, if a machine requires a repair job, the build-in message function can be used to further estimate and qualify the repair job.

With a work shift schedule as an integrated part of the Journal, you can see who was at work at the occurrence of an event, which makes it easier to contact the relevant employees to follow up on the event. When an event is received as a message, it is easy to create a new job based on the event, to secure that the job is being done. It is also possible to forward the message or decline it and thereby close the case. The entire process is automatically registered in SERTICA, which secures transparency and historical data, that contributes to gathering important knowledge about your company.

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