The Forms module is a flexible tool consisting of electronic templates designed to support and guide the users to submit information and reports in a well-known and consistent manner. The data fields in the forms are referenced to SERTICA to automatically fill in some of the fields in the form.

Data entered in the forms will automatically be stored and reused in SERTICA. This makes the data entry easier as the forms use Microsoft Word based templates.

Add forms to maintenance jobs

Forms are often added to maintenance jobs, e.g. a hot-work permit before starting a maintenance task or a measurement form to be filled before completing a task. These “forms on job” may be set as mandatory to control the job flow or if specific information is required.

The Forms module is mainly used as an assisting tool for reporting e.g. near-misses, accidents, checklists, reviews, working permits or monthly reviews.

The user can fill out customized forms in relation to risk identification and risk management. You can even set up approval procedures and send corrective actions for approval. Once approved, a task appears in the activity planning.

Key Features

  • Electronic format of monthly and weekly forms
  • Design and upload checklists to SERTICA
  • Automatic import of data from Word and Excel
  • End-user design of templates
  • Collect data for analysis


  • Save time and resources with easy data entry
  • Spend less time filling out reports
  • Make sure employees follow a specific workflow
  • No more huge email attachments and hard copies
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