An inspirational guide to shipping companies on how to visualize maintenance data, relevant KPIs and other activities onboard to improve efficiency and performance.


Shipping companies are always trying to improve efficiency and be cost-effective. To understand performance and identify areas for improvement, they often work with Fleet KPIs both onboard the vessels and ashore.

Fleet KPIs are used to give an overview of the status, development, trends, and performance. Most of these are connected to daily business and tasks, but some are also used on a management level to show the team’s activity level and performance.

Typical KPIs in the maritime business include comparing vessels and their performance as well as internal and external communication of performance.

This guide, however, focus on the KPIs relevant to the crew and the data that must be monitored onboard the vessels to support and ensure efficient workflows.

How to create synergy with KPIs

Shipping companies have access to enormous amounts of data, which they can track and analyze.
The aim is to create the right data visualizations and data-driven notifications that serve and add value.

We often see that shipping companies create different dashboards for different departments. Although this makes sense, it is equally important to create dashboards across departments. This is how you create synergy with KPIs.

An example of such a dashboard include linking critical jobs and procurement.

By analyzing data from internal audits, the crew can respond to poor performance by modifying their activities. This knowledge can help the crew react faster and perform better when it is time for external

When you create KPIs across different departments you can improve different aspects of your organization, because data in one area can contribute to
improving other activities.

Typical dashboard categories:

  • Technical Management
  • Procurement
  • HSQE
  • Management
  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety
  • HR Management
  • Navigational Safety
  • Operational
  • Security
  • Port State Control
  • Cost

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Use roles to define intelligent KPIs

When working with KPIs, we often see that it is well integrated by the Management. Dashboards are, however, less commonly used by the crew onboard the vessels, which is a missed opportunity.

Sometimes, we see shipping companies successfully using dashboards as a communication tool between
the vessel and the office. The vessel can react in time, by focusing on data that highlights potential problems or areas for improvement.

It is important that your dashboards match the general goals of your business. At the same time, you must include the needs of your crew when defining the KPIs.

To simplify data, it often makes sense to create different
KPIs and dashboards for various roles.

Example of roles:

  • Captain
  • Chief engineer
  • Superintendent
  • Fleet manager
  • Chief officer

To the crew onboard the vessels, it is mainly the KPIs related to Technical Management that make sense to monitor, as these KPIs affect their daily work.

Which dashboards can support crew onboard the vessels

Many of our customers are very good at defining goals, processes, and triggers in relation
to performance.

The most common dashboards onboard the vessels often involves both planned and unplanned

Maintenance Dashboards

The activities onboard the vessels are often related to maintenance, but other dashboards are also relevant to the crew.

Typical dashboards include critical spares and jobs. Monitoring the use of hours and items to complete a
job is also popular.

Critical jobs

  • Overdue (email notification when 5 days overdue)
  • Upcoming
  • Class related
  • Run once
  • Type (calendar, counter, measurement, ad. hoc, etc.)

List of defects

  • Current
  • Fleet
  • Year
  • Air compressors

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