The power of standardization in maintenance management

SVITZER is a global provider of maritime services, including towage, salvage, and emergency response. SVITZER implemented SERTICA back in 1995 and has since then continuously improved the use of the
system. Embracing SERTICA has enabled seamless operations for SVITZER across more than 140 ports and 40+ terminals globally

In this case story, SVITZER shares their journey towards optimizing maintenance management across a fleet of over 400 vessels through the lens of standardization.

Standard Jobs

With standard jobs in SERTICA, SVITZER can easily plan and re-use jobs across the vessels. This approach not only streamlines maintenance tasks but also strengthens negotiations with OEMs. Roger Valencia emphasizes the uniformity from Australia to the Americas and tells: ”Standardization allows us to better understand how to improve our maintenance tasks and significantly reduce the operating service costs of our vessels, thereby bringing better services to our customers.”

The challenge of implementing a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) across vessels in more than 40 countries is underscored, with a staggering 90% of jobs
standardized at SVITZER. Reflecting on this, Roger’s conclusion is clear: ”Standardization is a necessary but difficult task with a fleet of our size. We have successfully been using SERTICA since 1995 and should I do it all over again today, I would use the Master Data Management module in SERTICA to achieve this standardization.”

The challenge of implementing a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) across vessels in more than 40 countries is underscored, with a staggering 90% of jobs standardized at SVITZER

Plan and execute dockings in SERTICA

SVITZER have developed a standardized set of dock jobs in SERTICA, enabling them to efficiently plan and execute docking across diverse geographic locations, including Australia, Americas, Europe and AMEA.

”The ability to pre-select dock jobs for every docking occurrence not only streamlines our operations but also significantly reduces our capital expenditures and operational expenses,” — Roger Valencia, SVITZER

The goal was clear from the start: to standardize the dry-docking process across the fleet to better negotiate with OEMs. ”By having standard specifications for dock jobs, we have gained a stronger bargaining position, securing better prices for items used in overhauls,” Roger highlights.

The strategy also focuses on minimizing vessel downtime by aligning major overhauls with docking schedules. ”Strategically performing main engine and thruster overhauls during docking periods has proven essential in significantly reducing our vessels’ downtime,” Roger reflects.


  • Standardize dry-docking
  • Minimize vessel downtime
  • Reduce expenditures and operational expenses

Simplifying maintenance management for crews worldwide

SERTICA has been well received by the crew in SVITZER, who operate in more than 140 ports worldwide. Roger Valencia shares, ”The feedback from our teams at sea has been overwhelmingly positive. SERTICA’s interface is intuitive, making it accessible to everyone onboard, regardless of their technological proficiency and language.”

”Adopting a system that follows the SFI structure means that our crews, spread across the globe, speak the same operational language. This has been instrumental in ensuring consistency and clarity in our maintenance and operational procedures,” he elaborates

This uniformity is crucial for SVITZER, whose crews hail from various corners of the world. It streamlines operations and
underscores the company’s dedication to
its crew’s efficiency and satisfaction.

Implementing Analytics in daily operations

SVITZER highlights the strategic advantage of using SERTICA Analytics across its fleet operations. With 4,400 colleagues from over 75 countries, SVITZER emphasizes the significance of data analytics in unifying and optimizing maritime operations.

”SERTICA Analytics is exceptionally well-designed and user-friendly,” Roger Valencia explains, underscoring the platform’s ease of use and powerful analytical capabilities.

This feature facilitates a seamless integration of data-driven insights into daily operations, enhancing efficiency and strategic decision-making across global fleets.

Emphasizing the system’s adaptability, Roger Valencia mentions, ”SERTICA enables easy data access, and custom templates can be requested from RINA Digital Solutions if needed.” This flexibility ensures that regardless of the location, teams can tailor data insights to meet their specific operational needs.

”The feedback from our teams at sea has been overwhelmingly positive.” — Roger Valencia, SVITZER

3 tips to achieve financial overview of maintenance operations

SERTICA has allowed SVITZER to obtain a complete end-to-end process, including maintenance, procurement, and finance — bringing complete visibility into maintenance performance. One of Roger Valencia’s favorite parts of SERTICA is the nice overview of the costs of maintenance. To achieve this overview, he shares the following 3 tips:

TIP 1: Integration to finance system

With a direct integration to the finance system, SERTICA offers the perfect overview of all maintenance expenses, offering a detailed breakdown of costs associated with maintenance, repair, and docking.

TIP 2: Stock Management Item roll up

With item roll-up you get an overview of inventory and its associated costs. Taking advantage of the item roll-up feature has allowed SVITZER to significantly decrease their expenses. For instance, in the Americas alone, they saved over $200,000 last year through bundle agreements.

TIP 3: The Budget module

The Budget module in SERTICA has been met with widespread approval across all regions. It provides a crystal-clear picture of what is spent on each vessel, making it easier to compare with last year’s budgets.


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